6 Star Reads

6★ Reviews

These are my 6 star reads by year.  As you can tell I am extremely picky. I feel like a 6 star read is one that impacts you in some way.  Click on the book cover to read my full review and get buying information.


"When We Met goes above and beyond the 6 star review I’m giving it. The writing is fantastic, the characters are perfection, and the story just tore me apart, TWICE!"


"Together, these two should make zero sense, and that’s why they make all the sense in the world."
"Never, ever stop telling us your stories Devney; they are a gift to your readers’ soul."
"The characters are so raw and real that you feel with them."
"Love & Hockey isn't just another angsty romance; it's a fate that consumes your soul."


"Have you ever read a book that seemed to capture your soul from the first words and hold it hostage, long after the book had ended?"
"Impact takes you into the soul of a survivor, in a way that is unapologetic about the aftermath of her attack"