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ARC BOOK REVIEW: Warrior Blue by Kelsey Kingsley



It is really amazing being a book a blogger sometimes. See, 70% of the books I read/blog about I sign up through PR groups. I get emails regarding upcoming releases, I read the blurbs and then decided if its a book I want to be considered for an ARC. 29% are books that I love the author and know I am going buy/read their upcoming release, authors I am on their ARC teams already, so when they have a new release, I am getting the book or just random books I come across and decide to pick up. But then, oh then, there are the 1%. These are the books that authors have reached out and asked me if I’d be willing to read.

I’m still a relatively new blogger, so I don’t get a lot of requests, and I don’t always say yes to them. Sometimes I know by the blurb it’s not for me, and frequently it’s a scheduling issue, but when I do get a chance to say yes, it reminds me why I started blogging in the first place. Hence, Warrior Blue by Kelsey Kingsley.

I can’t express how Warrior Blue is so much more than a romance novel. The characters are so raw and real that you feel with them. Not just happiness or love but anger and despair, confusion, and frustration. It isn’t just a boy meets girl love story. It’s a story about the loss of life, but how you can lose someone without death and grieving someone who’s still here but not the same. It’s about the love between siblings and between children and parents. It’s about how sometimes fate or destiny or God or kissmet weaves us into each other lives in ways we can’t even begin to imagine. 

I am honored that Kelsey reached out to me to ask if I would read this book and excited to say this is my first 6 star read of 2020!


Blake Carson can’t afford to have a life. Between working full-time as a tattoo artist and caring for his disabled twin brother Jacob, his plate is more than full – and he prefers it that way.

But his meticulous planning is turned on its head when he meets the upbeat and beautiful Audrey Wright and her butterfly tattoo.

Now, through a complicated maze of coincidence and fate, Blake begins to question if maybe there could be more to his life than just work and Jacob.

That is, if the guilt doesn’t eat him alive first.

With the help of Dr. Vanessa Travetti and a girl he doesn’t think he deserves, can Blake convince himself that even the bad guy deserves a happy ending?


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