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ARC Book Review: Cable: A Steel Paragons MC Novel (The Coast: Book 6)

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
Smut factor: 🔥🔥🔥
Author: Eve R. Hart
Genre: Suspense Romance

Synopsis from the book: 

I was the club nerd. I didn’t see any sense in trying to deny it. And most of the time that was how I felt the most useful. Only, I was at a loss and hitting brick walls everywhere I turned. I wasn’t able to help my club out when they needed it the most.
There was chaos all around and I wasn’t sure if there would be an end in sight.
Kill the bad guy.
Save the girls.
That was the number one goal.
Only, I forgot about everything else the moment I saw her in that room. That was the moment she put her mark on my soul.
I only let her go because I had to.
But the day would come when I would make her see that she was mine.
My life had been anything but easy. I blamed some of that on myself because I was forever making the wrong choices. But I was always able to pull myself out of them and I was lucky enough to have someone that was there for me every time I realized my mistake.
Until I got myself into something I couldn’t get out of.
I fell into Hell and couldn’t claw my way out. And what was worse, there were other’s I was helpless to save as well.

Brittany’s Review:

This book reminded a lot of Boccas book where we get a lot of the suspense and action before the relationship between the two main characters.  With a lot of heavy in the first 60% of the book the author does a wonderful job of inserting well timed comedic relief that had me bursting out laughing.  Hint* The cover tells us more about Cable than we realize…

Once Cable and Claire come together there is a sweetness about their relationship that took me back to how I felt the first time I fell in love.  Cable is respectful of Claire because of the trauma that she has endured and there is a sadness because Claire has never had the luxury of knowing what it feels like to have a man want you for all the right reasons.  Their relationship is very sweet and innocent without seeming juvenile.

Eve R. Hart doesn’t disappoint with the 6th book in this series and with the bonus scene leaves us anticipating the her next release.

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