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ARC BOOK REVIEW: Bride of the Emperor by Hayley Faiman (reviewed by Dana Hoffman)



I couldn’t wait to read this book which is also the series finale, and I was dying to see how it would all wrap up. I was not disappointed at all. There were quite a few twists and turns, lots of magic, good and bad, lots of drama, lots of tears, happy and not so much. Just like her three older sisters before her, Drucilla gets pulled into a world she knows nothing about, a parallel universe, where a lot of responsibility lays on her shoulders. The four of them finally come together to fulfill the prophecy of the gods, also bringing their warrior husbands together in the process as well. I loved it and was there for the whole ride. I loved how each book took us to a completely different world that had an awesome twist on the historical aspect of it. This book focused on elements from the Roman Empire. Some things made me laugh, others made my eye twitch a little. With all that being said, I also have to mention that there were a couple of things that felt unfinished and which I think would’ve given Drucilla’s character, and also the story overall, a little more depth, like finding out why she was so against love and relationships in her life. Or like finding out how her parents were so accepting of what was happening to their daughters. It felt like there could’ve been a great backstory there. But I did love this book and the entire series, and I’m glad I gave it a chance even though this is not normally my kind of trope to read.

Title: Bride of the Emperor
Series: The Prophecy of Sisters
Author: Hayley Faiman
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Release Date: April 26, 2021

Drucilla Collins knows something is very wrong. All three of her sisters are missing. As the baby of the family, her sisters are always there for her—except now.

Where could they be? Three sisters who live across the country from one another don’t just disappear into thin air—do they? She doesn’t think that they could until it happens. They’re gone.

Landing on a strange beach, a warrior appears on a horse in what appears to be some foreign countryside. He is enormous, his body is gorgeous, but his face is hidden behind a metal helmet.

When he scoops her up from the ground, she is sure that all of this means that she will be seeing her sisters soon. They must be wherever this strange beast of a man is taking her.

Tiberius Quirinus is the newly crowned Emperor of Savona. Trained to be a warrior, he never wanted to take over the empire. His father was a tyrant. A man that he had to put down himself to save his people.

An ancient prophecy is well on its way to becoming fulfilled. Tiberius knows that he is the last piece of the puzzle, but there is a problem, he cannot love. The emotion does not exist inside of him, at least not romantically.

Two people who never imagined settling down. Marriage was nothing that either of them desired. Two people who take what they want, when they want.

Magic, witches, gods, and goddesses fill their new relationship and their world. Can they destroy their walls and fall in love, or will their world crumble before them?

Goodreads Review - “Another unique and fabulous book by Hayley Faiman”
The Hatters (Britt) - “Mind. Flipping. Blown.”
Goodreads Review - “I thoroughly enjoyed this exciting final installment to this thrilling series.”

As an only child, Hayley Faiman had to entertain herself somehow. She started writing stories at the age of six and never really stopped.

Born in California, she met her now husband at the age of sixteen and married him at the age of twenty in 2004. After all of these years together, he’s still the love of her life.

Hayley’s husband joined the military and they lived in  Oregon, where he was stationed with the US Coast Guard. They moved back to California in 2006, where they had two little boys. Recently, the four of them moved out to the Hill Country of Texas, where they adopted a new family member, a chocolate lab named Optimus Prime.

Most of Hayley’s days are spent taking care of her two boys, going to the baseball fields for practice, or helping them with homework. Her evenings are spent with her husband and her nights—those are spent creating alpha book boyfriends.


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