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ARC BOOK REVIEW: Hit the Brakes by Beth Bolden



Quick back story. I have been following Beth Bolden for a while now but have not read one of her books. It just seemed like the timing was off, or I’d have another obligation, but I never seemed to make it work.
Then I saw that Hit the Brakes was coming out in April, and I just decided I needed to make time for this book. I love MM romance, and I’ve always been interested in this author’s work (hence me following her), so now is the time.

Why did I wait again? Now I feel stupid that I haven’t been reading her books from the beginning! I flipping adored this book; here’s why.

What I loved:

While I usually shy away from the fake relationship trope, I thought the set-up in Hit the Brakes was perfect. There is an unrequited love from long ago, but it’s a bit of a second chance romance too. The plot makes sense not thrown together to capture our attention. The story kept me interested because it IS interesting, not because the author decided to throw in tons of drama around every corner.

Chase Riley has to be the most adorable alpha hero I have ever read. You would think, for a professional football player, he would have this arrogant, I’m amazing attitude, but he’s really the opposite. He’s so considerate of other people, and sweet and goofy and just utterly adorable that it’s almost a fault.

Did I say I loved Hit the Brakes? Because I looooooved Hit the Brakes. I smiled and felt and devoured every word of this book. I can’t believe I waited this long to read Beth Bolden! I’m ready for the next book in this series, like yesterday!

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