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ARC BOOK REVIEW: Musical Mayhem by Alley Ciz



Alley, Alley, Alley. What have you done to my M/M loving heart? I loved this novella so much that it blew her other books out of the water. Thank you so much for being brave enough to write M/M, I know a lot of authors won’t, but when you are ready to write the next one, I’ll be first in line to buy it.

There is so much I could say about Jamie and Sammy, but to condense it down, they stole my love-drunk heart! Alley writes internal banter like she was born to do it. When Jamie and Sammy would go into their heads, it was brilliant and brought so much to their characters. Funny, witty, self-deprecating perfection. Musical Mayhem has become one of my absolute favorite M/M books (if you know me this says a lot, I love me some M/M) and gets five bright, beautiful stars!

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