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ARC BOOK REVIEW: Kian’s Focus by Misty Walker



I knew I was going to love this book by the end of the first page. Something about how Misty Walker writes kept me captivated to the pages. I can’t pin point anything specific to tell you exactly what it was but it was stellar. 

What I loved

Truth time- I know people get mad when you list the characters. But you know what if I love the characters. If your looking for a refined review there are plenty of talented ladies out there for that. Not my style.

I digress. I loved Kian. He’s quirky and fun with no filter. Kian is the person you wish was your best friend. He’s going to give you the truth but help you through it after he does. 

Archer is so swoony. I love me the non stereotypical gay man. Because let’s be honest gay doesn’t mean only one type of person. I also loved that is former partner was completely different than Kian. I mean we all might have a type but we don’t always necessarily click with that type. 

The schmexy times are fire!!!  Archer was not what I expected when things hot steamy and it was ahhhmazing.


Don’t think this book is just two men falling in love, even if that’s the heart of the story. There are so major waves these two have to get through and struggles are real. I am so happy to have found Misty Walker and after finishing this 5 star read I’m off to scour her backlist.

Kian's Focus by Misty Walker is now live!

He always gets what he wants...
and now his focus is on me.

I lost my boyfriend on the night I had planned to propose.
It was a horrific accident that was all my fault.
I gave up and resigned myself into a life of obscurity.

Until I got a call that my sister, Sara, needed me.
It gave me purpose and I ran to her rescue.
Because that's what I've done our whole lives.

That's how I ended up in Brigs Ferry Bay.
But when I showed up, things were so much worse than I thought.
She was sullen, fragile, and sinking into a depression I didn't know how I'd get her out of.
Together, we were drowning.

Until I met Kian.
He's everything I'm not.
Bouncy, bubbly, full of life, and an innate ability to make everything better.
He makes me believe I can be happy again.

Now the unthinkable has happened and Sara is on the verge of losing her life.
Once again, it's all my fault.
Kian had clouded my vision with promises of hope and forever.
I was so stupid to believe I could be happy again.

I try to push him away.
To shove him out of the darkness that follows me.
I don't want him to suffer the future fate had secured me to.
But Kian's focus is on me
And he's used to getting what he wants.

Brigs Ferry Bay is a steamy MM romance series.
Fall in love with the charming small-town gay romances of Brigs Ferry Bay.

While each book can be read as a standalone, to get the full experience, they’re best read in order. 
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Meet Misty

Misty Walker is fueled by coffee and motivated by the forceful voices in her head screaming to tell their story. If she's not reading or writing, she's spending time with her daughters, husband, and two dogs. But mostly she's reading or writing.
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