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ARC BOOK REVIEW: Southern Hearts by Emily Bowie (Reviwed by Dana Hoffman)



I loved Danger and Haven’s story. It was the sweetest small town kind of romance. It can definitely be read as a stand-alone, but you should go read Crash and Piper’s book first, Crashing Hearts. You get a really funny Danger in that book that really lays the foundation of who he is, which is a funny guy with a big heart. Haven wasn’t as developed of a character as Danger was, and I was a little disappointed in that part. This book runs in parallel with book 1 for the most part. And my biggest disappointment overall about it was the fact that we didn’t get to attend Danger’s large screen tv shower which had been my favorite part in book one. Also, the ending felt a little too abrupt, kind of short and sweet, but abrupt nonetheless. And speaking of short, the book itself is on the short side as well, so if you’re looking for a good read to knock down on a rainy afternoon, you got it.

Review by Dana Hoffman

Title: Southern Hearts
Series: Oakport Beach #2
Author: Emily Bowie
Genre: Small-Town Romance
Release Date: December 9, 2020


It was just a kiss. 
A kiss from the preacher’s daughter. 
And I loved every second of it. 
I would take 8 seconds of my lips on hers over any bull ride, anytime, anywhere. 
Each time I kissed my younger sister’s best friend she still managed to slip through my fingers and I couldn’t seem to keep her. I thought I had time. 
When the news of her broken engagement runs rampant through town, I’m ready this time. This time I won’t lose her. 
But when the truth about her break up surfaces, will she still look at me the same way?



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Free in Kindle Unlimited


Emily Bowie is from a small town in Western Canada. She has been making characters come to life through her writing since she was old enough to put her thoughts on paper. She loves her white wine cold, her heels red, and her books spicy. 

She married her high school sweetheart and they have two amazing children. 

She is the author to the Bennett Brothers Series. 

Recklessly Mine, Recklessly Forbidden, & Recklessly Devoted. 

When she is not writing she can be found reading a good book, making digital scrapbooks and being physically active—whether it is at the gym, going for a walk, or playing /keep up with her children.


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