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ARC BOOK REVIEW: Bride of The Sea by Hayley Faiman


Rating: ★★★★★

Bride of the Sea is the second book in Hayley Faimans Prophecy of the Sisters series, and wow! Fantasy alpha holes on steroids is what we get in this book.

What I loved-
The underlying story that strings between the books is exciting. It keeps me turning the page, trying to figure out the next clue, what little easter egg hides inside the words for us to find.

How unbelievably frustrating this hero and heroine were. No, I don’t love that they are frustrating, but it’s not something I don’t like either. I think it built good chemistry between the two—sort of enemies to lover’s vibes. Alaric is so utterly stubborn that times in the book, I wanted to reach through and throttle him, but this is par for the course with Hayley’s hero’s so I feel like I am used to it now.

It’s hot, like hawt, whew wee, the schmexy scenes have schmexy scenes hot. Not for those who want a sweet fade to black.

What I didn’t love-
I needed a translation guide for certain words. There are only a few words that we don’t know the meaning. I wish the author would have put in a glossary of sorts I could have referenced. Again, not many words would need this, but enough that I felt it would be useful.

Overall, I was excited about this book, and it didn’t disappoint. I’m in it till the end at this point and anxiously awaiting the next sister’s story to see where this story is headed!

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Liv Collins has a problem. Her sister has vanished without a trace. Like a bad dream, not even a private detective can find Sybilla. All the way across the country, living in New York City, Liv feels helpless and hopeless. 

All of that anguish disappears when she goes to bed one night only to wake up in a damp, dark forest surrounded by the scent of smoke and…  Vikings? 

They are huge, all of them, but she can only focus on the one with the pale blue eyes as he watches her intently. He is battle-hardened and scarred. 

He is massive, with long hair, covered in dirt, blood, paint, and tattoos. Everything about him should frighten her. Especially the fact that they don’t even speak the same language. 

Aaric, the Sea King, has been the King of Wolfjour Ail for many years. A kingdom he is proud to rule, as long as he can do so from raiding ships that travel the world to provide riches for his people.

An ancient prophecy has come to light. Witches, dragons, Vikings, and magic make up this parallel universe. 

Two people must find trust and love in one another. Two people must fight the demons in front of them and inside of them. Sacrifices must be made. Families could be torn apart. Without one, the other cannot succeed, the lands will perish, the world could end. 

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