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ARC BOOK REVIEW: Reckless Memories by Catherine Cowles



Reckless Memories is the first book in the all-new Wrecked Series from Catherine Cowles. Let me start by saying I love this author’s books because I feel like I am probably going to get slayed for this review. I’ve been following Catherine from the beginning, and I have always loved her writing.

Now saying that I liked Reckless Memories, I liked it a lot. Catherine has a way of writing a story that pulls you and in and keeps you interested. I just wasn’t a fan of the dead sister’s boyfriend storyline. It’s not because I judge people in relationships that happen from tragedy. I’ve decided maybe my brain just wasn’t in the right mindset, so I’m going to tag the book and do a reread later.

Would I recommend this book? ABSOLUTELY! Catherine’s writing is phenomenal, and Reckless Memories is no different. I have no doubt readers will fall in love with Bell and Ford’s story.

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"A story rich with both heartache and hope. Catherine Cowles writes characters that are real, relatable, and will have you rooting for their happily-ever-after with all your heart!" - Mia Sheridan, New York Times bestselling author

Reckless Memories, an all-new emotional, all-consuming, friends-to-lovers standalone from Catherine Cowles is out now!

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I loved him before I knew what the word meant. From skinned knees to first dates and everything in between. But he was never mine to love. I settled for friendship, even though I always wanted more.

That was before. Before he ripped my world apart and didn’t bother sticking around to help me pick up the pieces. I knit every last shred back together all on my own. And I’ve all but forgotten his name.

Now, he’s back, and everything is torn apart once more. But he’s not the only one doing the tearing this time. And there might be no stopping the person who has it out for us both.

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