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BLOG POST: ISO My Bookspiration

Have you seen my bookspiration?  I seem to have lost it and desperately need it back.  Why have I lost it, you ask? Because my headspace is everywhere these days, and I am blaming COVID.  My 9-5 is in Healthcare and my husband farms, so we are still working full time, kids out of school we are now homeschooling, and I’m over it!  Also, I am the WORST homeschool parent ever.  I am positive my children think I am an idiot and hate me.  I hope they survive next year without being entirely behind everyone else.

On top of that, my youngest, who is 3.5 going on 16, might be the spawn of the devil. Don’t gasp you don’t live with the angel faced she-devil.  Not only has she snuck out of her window, which we had to nail shut, but she shoved a poopy pull up into the air conditioner vent.  I can’t make this up people. 

Since COVID I have seen people posting that they are glad to have this time to read, and they are using it as an escape from everything going on in the world.  That used to be me!  Reading is my escape! This shit going on has everything upside down and backward for me.   I read a fantastic book a couple of weeks ago, wrote and posted my reviews, and then totally blanked on, well, you know, POSTING IT TO SOCIAL MEDIA.  The PR company very politely emailed me all, “Hey, where the fuck are your links?”   *Insert massive facepalm right here.  

My April reading list, sooooooooo low compared to other months.  Except for a few books, nothing is catching my attention, and it’s pissing me off.  I need my book inspiration back, that’s my light!  The other day I was trolling IG tearing myself down on how horrible my page looked compared to others.  What am I doing??????? Literally, the bookstagram/book blogger world is packed with amazing people vying for your attention, but why am I suddenly caring?  I got 50 people who subscribe to follow the blog that makes me so excited I can’t even tell you.  I mean, there are 50  people who actually want to know about the books I am loving.  *Insert promo push for you to read anything and everything Kelsey Kingsley.  She’s my #2 on authors you should obsess over.  Next to Autumn Jones Lake, DUH.

Anyway, COVID19 sucks, and it has stolen my bookspiration, so if you find it, kindly return ASAP.  Maybe with a girl trip, filled with books, sun, dance parties, and margaritas?  Any takers?


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