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ARC BOOK REVIEW: Kaden by S. Nelson



Writing a review for a next-generation book is one of the hardest reviews for me to write. You see, you start a series, and you fall in love with this series. The main characters you so adore have children, and when they’ve grown, you are desperate to know their story. But then comes a pressure that you inadvertently put on the author. The pressure that the next-gen book is as good as the original. Then once I’ve read the next-gen book, I have to try and write a review that tells enough to attract new readers, but not enough that I give anything away. So this is where I stand with Kaden, the hero of this story, the next-generation of S. Nelsons Knights of Corruption MC and the son of the MC President that we met in the first KofC installment, Marek.

Let me start my review by saying that I did very much like Kaden. I thought S. Nelson did an excellent job of meshing the original Knights with this new story. She kept the storyline focused on the hero and heroine, so it didn’t seem like we were reading something we previously had in the other books.

What makes it hard to write a next-gen review is that I already knew I was going to love all these characters. I knew the setting would be one that I previously enjoyed, and I had high hopes going in. Was it a grand slam for me? No. But it was a solid triple. If you are a fan of the Knights of Corruption, I know you will love Kaden. If you are a fan of MC romance, again, you will enjoy this book. If you not ever read either, then I would recommend starting with Marek. You won’t be disappointed!

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