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BOOK REVIEW: Above and Beyond by Sloane Kennedy and Lucy Lennox



Above & Beyond is book four in the Twist of Fate series and is hands down my favorite. As hard as it was, I waited to read Sloane Kennedy and Lucy Lennox’s new release until it was on audio. I discovered both authors through Audible, and that’s how I’ve read their books. So when I saw that this book was going to audio so quickly after release, I thought, why wait? The narrator is Michael Dean (formerly known as Michael Pauley), and he has quickly become one of my favorite narrators for M/M books.

I wanted Lucky to have everything. He’s so optimistic and see’s the good in the world. I’ve loved his character since the first book, so I was rooting for him to get a HEA. As for Zach, I wanted him to have everything as well, but it came from a different emotion. Zach is so surly and angry all of the time that I wanted him to be free from everything holding him back.

The first time Zach and Lucky are together was the most heartfelt and hot scene I’ve ever read. It was perfect, well, until it was over, and then it just shattered me.

Above & Beyond was one of the most up and down romances I’ve read for a while. It had me sitting on the edge of my emotions through the entire book. Just when you think the two of them are going to get it together, it doesn’t happen. If I had one critique of the book, I would say it was that this went on maybe a tad longer than necessary, but it didn’t stop me from loving the book.

I keep falling in love with theses authors books and I can’t wait for more!

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