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BOOK REVIEW: The Night by May Archer



Have I told anyone lately how much I adore May Archer’s books?  Well, if I haven’t been saying it loudly enough, I’ll make sure you can hear me in the back.  I ADORE May Archer’s books!  The Night, a Love in O’Leary novella, wasn’t just a perfect addition to this series, it was simply magical.  

When Liam and his seven-year-old daughter Hazel pack up and head to O’Leary, he’s met with more than his grumpy soon to be ex-husband.   Instead of Liam quickly having Gideon sign divorce papers, a town full of Christmas do-gooders lie in wait. It seems the people of O’Leary have decided to turn their local fire chief, Gideon, from the Grinch into a Christmas sweater-wearing, carol singing citizen of Whoville.  

With some clever Santa’s and an adorable seven-year-old paving the way, it was easy to fall in love with this story.  

The way May Archer writes romance has captivated me as a reader.  I so look forward to reading whatever she has planned for us next.  I hope you take a chance on her books and find the magic in her words as I have. 

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