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ARC BOOK REVIEW: There Better be Pie by Jessica Gadziala



I have to say that even with my devotion to Jessica Gadzialas Henchmen series, it seems I have a bit of a love affair with her standalone novels. There Better be Pie kept that streak alive by instantly stealing my heart.
You might be thinking, ‘A Thanksgiving story? Really Brittany?’ but oh my goodness, was it so so so perfect.
First, its an enemy to lovers with all the sexual tension you desire, but then it’s packed full of emotions that blindside you from out of nowhere. I’m not talking about cheesy, Sunday night TV emotion, but something that reaches down into you and makes you feel it. I laughed, I cried, I decided that I need Thanksgiving to be exactly like the one Jessica gives us in the book from now until eternity.
If you read only one holiday romance this year, heck ever, then There Better be Pie needs to be it. Thanksgiving is about to be your new favorite holiday.

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