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ARC BOOK REVIEW: White Lies (Lost Kings MC #15) by Autumn Jones Lake



These damn White titled books! White Lies, book 15 in the LOKI series, and as we have come to learn about the titles with white in them, its a wedding book. Murphy and Heidi’s wedding book, to be exact. 

A little background from me. Heidi hasn’t always been my favorite character. It’s not that I hate Heidi because I don’t, its because she started this series as a 15-year-old bratty little sister. Seem’s that I have had a hard time moving past that, until White Lies. 

I was really pleased with the growth that Heidi’s character had made since her and Murphy’s first book, More than Miles. A scene between Heidi and a teen girl reminded me so much of her and Hope; I was in tears. 

Speaking of tears, I had them a lot in this book. The title is very telling to the content of the book. The past seems to be lurking around every corner for Murphy and Heidi, bringing up issues not just between them but others in the club as well. Emotions are running high, and old wounds are being ripped open. 

I never skip through Autumn’s books, but if you are usually a skimmer, don’t! You literally can’t miss a word on a page in this one. There are surprises in the surprises buried in words. What you think you know, you don’t. What you’re sure is going to happen, isn’t. It’s a roller coaster ride that you want to slow down but don’t really want to get off. 

New secondary characters make more of an appearance. I had to go back and recheck who was who from the other books a couple of times. So you want to make sure you are paying attention because everyone is an important player. 

I have to say there is something about those white books that get me. Any uncertainty I was feeling for White Lies diminished quickly. It was everything I needed from the next book in this series and sets us up for a lot more LOKI in our future. And let’s be honest, when is more LOKI ever a bad thing?

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