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ARC BOOK REVIEW: Darling by Gabrielle G.



I don’t think Gabrielle G. knows how to write easy romance, and I love it! Darling brings us characters that are intense and broken and just real. It’s not the type of rockstar romance you usually read; it’s so much more than that. Gab doesn’t sugar coat Anna and Dan’s problems or their reactions to them. All the ugly is out there whether the reader is ready or not. She also never uses the character’s health as an excuse, but instead helps the reader learn the real side effects of the disease.
Darling is deep and emotional and raw, but it’s also love and feeling and worth you taking a chance on.

Title: Darling
Series: Darling Devils #1
Author: Gabrielle G.
Genre: Contemporary Rockstar Romance
Release Date: November 12, 2019 Cover Design: Kari March
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A rockstar romance novel with swoons, laughter and heartbreaking truths.
Anna: A one-night stand with a rock star isn’t what I had planned on my birthday. But Dan Darling, sexy and irresistible as he is, doesn’t take no for an answer. What follows? Five incredible days and a connection I thought I’d never feel. Until he leaves on tour. It hurts, but it’s nothing compared to what I've been through before.
Dan: The first time I saw her, I knew she was it. Then I doubted my feelings and believed they were only a product of my impulsivity. How can she love me when I’ve kept secret who I really am? Can I pull myself together enough to be with her and make it work? Is Anna the soothing medication I need to survive, or should I continue living my life one one-night stand at a time?

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