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AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: The Secret by May Archer




Constantine Ross is a cocky, provoking little…yeah.
And I swear, I’d think that even if his family’s business wasn’t my biggest competition.
It’s time someone taught the man a lesson or two about life.
At least that’s what I tell myself when I offer him a job.
Call it my good deed for the year… maybe the century.

But now he’s in my shop.
In my space.
In my every damn thought.
In. My. Bed.

And how the hell am I supposed to resist him?


I’ll be the first to admit I’ve royally screwed up, but what can I say?
I was a stupid teen who lost his dad and spiraled out of control.
Almost a decade later, I’m still trying to make amends.
The last thing I need is my family’s arch-nemesis wading into my life like he’s got all the answers.
Except… I really need money, and the arrogant jerk offered me a job.

I can deal with Micah’s attitude.
My attraction to him? That’s different.
He’s my boss, not my boyfriend.
And he’s way too old for me.
But God, he’s gorgeous.

I don’t want to want him…
But I can’t turn away.


May Archer popped up as a recommendation through my audible app a couple of months ago, and I decided to listen to her Love in O’Leary series. The third book in the series, The Secret, just released, and I am in love.

May has a wonderful storytelling ability, and she pulls all the feels from you. I fell in love with Con and Micah from the very first moment, and it never wavered. The story was interesting and had a lot of dynamics. It was also fun and had me laughing at the banter between the two men.

Iggy Toma and Alexander Cresende are the narrators and did a fantastic job. Iggy is a favorite narrator of mine and doesn’t disappoint with his performance as Con.

I can’t wait for the next book in the series to hit audio, believe me when I say I will be pre-ordering the first chance I get!

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