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BLOG POST: Re-reads

Do you do re-reads? Re-reads seems to be a 50/50 topic when discussed by readers and authors. Personally? I am a huge re-reader. If the book is a favorite of mine, I’ll re-read it till I almost can recite the entire thing by memory.
When I am in a reading funk or just feeling down, picking up a loved book pulls me out of my head. Or I guess it pulls me into another world.
It’s a comfort, sort of like coming home when I am back in a world with characters that I adore. Everything else fades, and all that is left is me and the words. Though once I’m into the book, it becomes more like a movie in my head than actual words on a page.
I want to share some of my favorites re-reads and would love it if you would share yours. If you don’t re-read, why? I love hearing all different perspectives!

White Heat by Autumn Jones Lake

Gahhhh, this book. White Heat is the 5th book in Autumn’s Lost Kings MC Series. If you follow me on social media, you know that this series is hands down my favorite MC and one of my all-time favorite overall series.
The Lost Kings isn’t just a story about an outlaw motorcycle club, it really is about the characters and their relationships with each other. White Heat is my favorite from this 14 (so far) book series and my most re-read book of all. It continues the story of Rock and HOpe, the patriarchs of this MC family, and digs into if their relationship is going to last. In White Heat, Hope is tested probably the most she has been up unto this point, with if she can handle being a part of the MC. Rock, on the other hand, battles the guilt he feels for pulling her into everything that comes with the club.
Re-reading White Heat always fills me with hope, no pun intended. Even though there are parts where you feel like maybe all is lost, there is so much love that my soul drowns in it. I can’t help but feel centered after finishing it, again and again.

Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley

I was a late fan girl to Kristen Ashley’s world, but I was thrilled when I found her and went on a binge read. Sweet Dreams is the 2nd book in her Mountain Man Series, and it shredded me.
One of the big reasons I love Kristen Ashley is because her characters usually are older than 25. The older I get, the more I like to read about characters around my age and not just fresh-faced girls straight out of college. Sweet Dreams really got to me because of how vulnerable and flawed Laurie is. And she is unapologetically herself, which sometimes gets her into trouble but is so charming.
Tate, on the other hand, is an alpha man to the max. A bounty hunter with not the easiest past, and even though he is a strong, mans man, he has his insecurities.
I re-read Sweet Dreams a lot because it reminds me that not all fairytales are perfect happily ever afters. There are a lot of beautiful stories that show how hard relationships are, and Sweet Dreams is one of my favorites.

Cal by Megan O’Brien

I do have a thing for MC books, but I drift toward those that focus more on the story of the characters in them. Cal by Megan O’Brien, is one of my favorites. It has a little bit of an age gap, which I love, and a single parent, which I also love.
Jill is a single mother who moves to her best friend’s hometown to start over. Cal is the President of the local outlaw MC and instantly taken with Jill and her young son. The two have a push and pull relationship with Jill doing a lot of the pushing away and Call doing a lot of the pulling together.
My love for this re-read is because of how hard Cal fights for Jill when her only focus is on her young son. He continually makes sure she is taken care of, and it warms me from the inside out of the lengths he goes for her.

Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley

There are no words that explain what I feel when I read and re-read Walk Through Fire. Again Kristen Ashley is one of my favorites because of the way she brings such truth to bones of her characters.
High and Millie were young and in love when Millie breaks it off for what seems like merely no reason. Twenty years later, a chance encounter where Millie sees high triggers her to finally tell him the truth. As you can imagine, this does not go the way she wants and starts a rippling effect of the two hurting each other over and over. One night everything finally blows up, and then all truths are revealed wounding everyone in the process.
This story is raw and gritty and hurts way before it feels better, but it is so worth the pain. I’ve read this book, so many times I can’t tell you the number, and I cry every time I read it. High and Mille know how to hurt each other, and each word cuts you. Then when you find out the reason they’ve been apart for twenty years, you’re gutted all over again.
I love reading this story because it reminds me that maybe old wounds can’t heal, but they definitely can be stitched back together. And that whats meant to be will be, even if you have to wait to get it.

Wild like the Wind by Kristen Ashley

My last favorite re-read, though I honestly have about five more, I’m afraid you’ll get bored with me before I get through all of them.
Wild like the Wind is the 6th book in Kristen Ashleys Choas MC series and one of the most gritty. It’s a story of unrequited love, YEARS worth of unrequited love. A man becoming the man for a brother of the MC’s wife and her two young boys. That man loving this woman since the moment he saw her but never revealing his true feelings. Then one day, years later, she shows at his door and offers herself to him. The sex is HOT, the emotions are devasting, and it just keeps coming through the whole book.
Wild like the Wind reminds me, that one life and love are precious things but that you don’t have to have only one true love. Your heart has space for all those willing to give it to you in return.

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