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BLOG POST: To Spoil or Not to Spoil? That is the question

To spoil or not to spoil? That is the question!
Whether it’s movies or books, spoilers are an age-old debate in the reviewing world. The Romance world is no exception to this argument, and I have found that the back and forth usually is between the author and the reviewer.
Authors don’t want too give to much of their beloved words away. What’s the point of picking up and reading the book if all the good stuff is already out there for someone to read? Bloggers, on the other hand, find it hard to give a detailed and honest review to the readers without some spoiler information in their text.
So where do I stand on this dispute? While I understand where the authors are coming from, I stand solely with my fellow bloggers. I find that when I am limited to not revealing spoilers in my review, it is a lot less entertaining. Now, there have been some very opinionated bloggers who can give you long-winded and feelingless reviews that offer you absolutely no information. They will tell you there is no reason that you the rest of us can’t write a review without spoilers. And hey for them it works very well, but I am just not one of those. When I tell someone about a book, I am want to be loud and animated. I want to tell you all the things that made me feel and why it made me feel that way. I want you to feel what I am feeling, wholly through the words I am typing, and you see on the page. I believe that you can give a review with information from the book that doesn’t tell you the big plot surprise. But it does limit me with the author is adamant about no spoilers!
From a reader perspective, when reading reviews, my opinion still stands with bloggers. Do I want to know that the heroine dies in the end? Absolutely not! But do I care that the review states that heroine is battling a disease and they thought the author did a fantastic job portraying this? Again, no.
So I want to know, do you hate us spoilerish bloggers giving bits of information away before you open the book? Or are you more likely to buy a book based on a passionate review that may give a little away of what’s going to happen?

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