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BOOK REVIEW: The Babysitter (Professionals Book 5) by Jessica Gadziala

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
Smut factor: 🔥🔥
Author: Jessica Gadziala
Genre: Contemporary

Synopsis from the book

He went to the woods to get away from it all. His past, the demons ever at his heels. And, perhaps most importantly, people.
One million miles away from anyone.
Save for the occasional visit from a client he had to endure. 
And that was exactly the way he liked it.
Until one night, he finds her.
Battered, scarred, tortured by the memories, in need of a safe haven.
So he does the unthinkable.
He offers to share his with her. 
It’s not long before feelings start to arise.
Yet the demons refuse to stay at bay.
And two fractured people will have to see if it is possible to come together… without breaking everything apart.

Brittany’s Review

All the feels in this latest release The Babysitter from Jessica Gadziala. She brings a different emotional depth that I haven’t seen in her other books. Or maybe this book just spoke to me louder than the others. JG brings two broken spirits together who find solace and healing in the presence of the other. Letting them mend on their terms without the pressure of an outside world that demands individuals to “get back to normal” so it doesn’t disturb the lives of others.
A possessive bulldog, cantankerous rooster, and lovable baby goat lead the cast of secondary animal characters that bring charm and levity to the story. Of course, everything comes full circle in her legendary epilogues which had me sobbing happy tears. Five big beautiful stars on this one JG.

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