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Rating: ☆☆☆☆
Smut factor: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Author: Eve R. Hart
Genre: Erotica

Synopsis from the book: 

My life might not be perfect but there isn’t much that I can complain about. I like my job even if my boss treats me more like a robot than his human assistant. I’m good at what I do and at this point, I could almost do it in my sleep.
So I don’t have too much to complain about and I live a comfortable life.
That is until I received a phone call that tilts my world and threatens to shatter it. I find myself in need of more money than I currently make. Finding a second job isn’t easy and when a tall, cold, blonde woman offers me one, I take everything she has to offer.
Suddenly, I’m thrown into the dark underbelly of the city and working at a place called the Gilded Rose.
The money is what catches my attention but there is something beyond that. I can’t explain it, but the fact that he doesn’t touch me only make my curiosity grow.
I fall further and further until I don’t know which end is up.
As my feelings for a masked man grow inside the darkness of that room, something begins to happen during the light of day.
Two men.
Too many feelings to deal with.
And I have no idea which one I should choose.

Brittany’s Review:

Steamy, sexy and intriguing. Eve R Harts new standalone Masked Desires introduces us to a new side of her writing. It may involve a club that makes fantasies come true, but the overall story has a pull that captures you from the start.

The heroine is an independent 26-year-old woman and the assistant to a wealthy and successful investor. She has frustrations, but overall content with what life has given her until a call from her cousin shakes her usually firm resolve and forces her to accept a job as a floor girl at the Gilded Rose, where fantasies are a reality.

Enter the hero, a successful workaholic who doesn’t have time for any outside distractions. He’s so inside his head that he barely notices the people around him in his everyday life. His unconventional way to control his resentment has him slotted as a Friday night regular at the Gilded Rose. A twist of events pushes the two together steaming up and throwing off both of their lives.

This story could have taken a turn toward the raunchy side but Eve never lets it get that far. The intimate scenes are sensual and, never make the heroine degrade herself in any way. Instead the heroine allows herself to experience things she never though possible while crumbling the hero’s self appointed walls. Plus the emotional undercurrent from the characters keeps it from being over the top. Erotica may not be the regular lane for Eve R Hart, but Masked Desires tells us she should venture out more often.

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