5 Star Review · Book Review · Kelly Elliott · Kristin Mayer


Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
Smut factor: 🔥🔥🔥
Author: Kelly Elliott and Kristin Mayer
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance


She has a head for business and a body for sin.
He is a coach who knows how to use his equipment.
Neither is looking for love.
Should be easy, right?
This might be the most important game Kendall Wales and Hunter Owens have ever played where everything is on the line.
With one wrong play, they could lose it all.
Hopefully, the game clock doesn’t reach zero before it’s too late.
*A stand alone novel that combines Kelly Elliott’s The Playbook and Kristin Mayer’s Trust Me. 

Brittanys Review

I recently found Kelly Elliott’s books and devoured her Cowboys and Angels series, so when I saw the opportunity to read and review a new book she had co-written with Kristin Mayer I jumped.
Kendall Wales new job running a minor league football team is almost cursed from the beginning. The team is continuously into trouble causing a PR nightmare. Kendall is trying to prove to her father, who also happens to be her boss, that she is capable of turning this team around fires the teams incompetent head coach. This action sends Kendall to a secluded ranch in Tennessee to offer the coaching job to an ex-NFL player and coach who just disappeared from the game.
Enter Hunter Owens, sexy, tattooed, cowboy alpha male extraordinaire. It has been a year since Hunter has left the NFL after a tragic accident. He has no interest getting back into coaching, but when sultry, stubborn, infuriating Kendall Wales challenges him, he can’t get her out of his mind. The two come to a compromise that has them heating things up on and off the field.
I love a strong female heroine, but even more when she’s vulnerable, and the author isn’t afraid to write her that way. Kelly and Kristin do a great job of making Kendall a strong female and bringing all the insecurities that can plague working woman. Hunter has this playful personality that makes you fall instantly in love with him. And even though he’s lost his way he’s still not afraid to be open to the idea of love.
Play Me is a push and pull of two people who can’t decide if they want to rip each other apart or rip their clothes off. Filled with humor, chemistry, self-discovery, and all the feels. Kelly and Kristin delivered on everything I wanted from a sports romance and then some.


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