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ARC Book Review: faire l’amour

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
Smut factor: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Author: Jessica Gadziala
Genre: Contemporary

Synopsis from the book

She’s a woman who has never done anything like this before…

Disaster had her world uprooted, her plans for her life going in a direction she could have never seen coming. Shackled with a debt she has no way to pay off, she makes a decision she never could have seen herself making. One contract. Three months. Complete financial freedom. But at what cost?

He’s a man who has never been in love…

But there was no mistaking that love was exactly what he was feeling toward a woman who never should have stepped into his office, to begin with. The kind of woman his filthy hands never should have touched in the first place. But there was no going back. And as feelings grow, he wonders how could he even begin to explain to her all his deceptions, or expect her to ever be able to trust him again enough to give something real a chance?

Brittany’s Review

I can’t explain how excited I am to get to do a review for Jessica Gadziala. I have been a massive fan of hers since I read Regin way back when it first released and I haven’t missed a book since. So getting to read and review any ARC for her is a privilege, but getting to read and review faire l’amour turned out to be a sensual indulgence. JG had the story seducing me through the screen of my Kindle the entire time.
We find out very quickly that the heroine, Rosie, has had a trauma in her life that leads her to look for a way to make quick money. Enter the hero Preston Renault, CEO, and owner of Golden Age Productions. What kind of productions do they do? Porn, that’s right Golden Age Productions is a studio for porn production.
I read the first line of the first chapter and had to reread it. To say I was thrown would be an understatement. I thought, where is this going, how is this going to work? But why I would even question JG is beyond me, she did what she always does and made two people who shouldn’t make sense do just that. She takes most peoples preconceived notions about the porn industry and turns it into romantic, sensual and sweet. Also, the fact that Rosie is an everyday type of woman keeps the book from getting away from its self. Since the story is told around a porn studio, you would think it would become over the top, but it never does that. The characters are just normal actors, with families and jobs, she keeps them down to earth and relatable. With that being said, Preston Renault does not disappoint as a fantasy leading man. Retired porn star, who came to the states from France at 18 and is now the CEO of his own company? Throw in that under all that possessive alpha hotness is a kind and compassionate man, not enough flames to express that steaminess. I was ready to give up my 9 to 5 and run off to become a porn star before anyone was even naked! Don’t let all the sexiness fool you though, JG throws in that depth of emotion in her characters that can just fill my soul. And being the queen of epilogues she finishes it leaving us feeling flushed but utterly satisfied.

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